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I'm Thameem freelance website designer based in Calicut Kerala. Offering low cost web design, web development, digital marketing and seo services.

Low Cost Web Design Calicut

Thameem is an experienced web designer in Calicut, Kerala - India who focuses on getting results (conversions) by developing an engaging website design in Kerala. Being an expert in web design and web development, he has worked for some of the prestigious companies in Kerala. He’s also expert in SEO (Search Engine Optimization in Calicut). One of the most important factor in SEO is the onpage structure of the website, Thameem designs / develops website structures based on his experience in a way that google start getting signals much faster than it usually takes. Thameem has worked for a lot of different industries in Kerala. Based on his experience he knows exactly what strategies should be consider in-order to get traffic on your site. He comes with most creative designs and ideas to achieve his client’s goals. Thameem offers web design Calicut and web development services for all small, medium, large size organizations and work with them closely not just to have an amazing website design in Calicut, but to increase sales and traffic.

UI/UX Design in Calicut

Thameem is a UI – UX expert in Calicut which makes him plan each and everything before developing the website. The UI design and developing websites goes hand in hand, the more you invest time in UI (user interface) the better results you get once the site is developed. Thameem being an expert in Calicut web design, he takes care of the nuances when it comes designing the UI.

Thameem takes UX (user experience) into the thorough consideration and design the structure in a way that it becomes very easy for users to navigate through the website design. Thameem takes extra care in making the website design responsive. Responsive website design is very important these days. Google doesn’t crawl your website if it is not responsive. Responsive means making the website compatible with different devices like Tablet and Mobile phones. As a web design Kerala expert Thameem also works hard to optimize the speed of the website as it is the key to get in major search engines like Google, Bing, etc.

SEO and CMS Solution

Thameem has worked for many web design agencies in Kerala. He knows what kind of quality businesses are looking for when they come to Kerala web design agency. Thameem – web design Kerala provides same high quality of website design and development services in Kerala in an affordable price. Thameem – web design Kerala works with various CMS solutions in Kerala. Thameem creates professional SEO friendly and responsive websites with superfast turnaround. Thameem also manages a team which makes him get designing and developing done quickly.

High Quality Websites Which Increases Your Client List

Every website has a purpose and it is very important that the website has to be designed keeping in mind how do people react to the website. There should be a plan in converting visitors to clients. If your web design is planned properly and does not have any UI, UX mistakes the chances are high that you will be able to convert your visitors to your clients. With Google’s new update if you’re getting traffic on a specific keyword but your landing page is not answering or showing data which people are looking for and closing your website immediately then Google gives priority to the websites which people are visiting and staying for some time. Get in touch with Thameem – Web designer in Kerala to have a look into your current website and let’s make a dominant difference.

Freelance Web Designer in Calicut

An Independent designer is someone who is licensed like me and works full time in helping businesses to achieve their goals and freelance web designer in Kerala usually are working in web design Kerala companies full time and sparing some time to do some work but the problem working with a freelance web designer in Kerala is timing. Freelance web designer in Kerala – India will always ask for more time than what the project usually takes and sometime still didn’t meet deadline. If you’re looking for an independent web designer in Calicut, Kerala – India who is professional not only in his work but also the deadlines which he commits. Get in touch with me today!

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